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Music Therapy

***At this time, all music therapy sessions are being held virtually***

What is music therapy?

Music therapy uses instruments, the voice, and musical mediums within a therapeutic relationship to support one’s therapy process. Sessions differ from person to person and are guided by each client's unique needs and goals, though it is typical to engage in song-writing, lyric analysis, vocalizing, instrument playing, music listening, relaxation, and verbalizing. Music therapists work with individuals, couples, and groups in a variety of contexts and settings: hospitals, hospices, long-term care homes, community programs, and schools. 

Music therapy can facilitate meaningful change, healing, and growth as one journeys through wellness and illness. It offers a creative space to explore and process past experiences, current challenges, and desired goals, as well as deepen self-awareness and self-connection. By accessing strengths and resources, clients can learn to use their literal and metaphorical voices in more meaningful ways. 

What are the benefits of music therapy?

  • Learning how to use music to support health and well-being

  • Deepening emotional awareness

  • Facilitating self-expression and communication

  • Exploring perspectives on self, others, and the world

  • Meaning-making

  • Nurturing hope

  • Enhancing agency

  • Enriching self-esteem

  • Reducing stress

  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Promoting relaxation  

  • Managing pain

  • Social fulfillment

  • Greater presence and attunement

Do I need any musical training or experiences?

You do not need to know a lick of music. Essentially everyone has the capacity to engage in and benefit from music therapy because sessions are made accessible. With an openness to engage creatively and therapeutically, clients of any age and stage can find value in music therapy.



I hold a Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy (2016) and a Master of Arts in Music Therapy (2018) from Concordia University. During my studies I was awarded the Music Therapy Award and the Concordia Merit Scholarship which supported my thesis research. This research examined the experiences of music therapists working in rural communities of Atlantic Canada and was presented at the Canadian Association of Music Therapists National Conference in May, 2018. The thesis can be read here: MA Thesis

I am a professional member (Certified Music Therapist) of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT) and am informed by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.  

Fee Structure

Full fee is $150 + 13% HST for a 55-minute individual session. I offer a limited number of sliding scale spaces which I prioritize for trans, queer, and BIPOC folks, students, and those with precarious income and/or employment. 


I offer a free 15-30 minute Zoom consult for us to chat about what brings you to music therapy and to see how well we fit together. 

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