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Meet Dan


Hi! I’m Dan - a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Music Therapist, and vocalist.


As a therapist I specialize in working with queer folks, anxiety, and trauma. 

As a vocalist I specialize in classical, folk, and songwriting. 

I strive to embody warmth, curiosity, and mutuality in relationships and spaces. In my therapy and performance work I aim to nurture agency, hope, and a deeper connection with self and others as we navigate what often feels like a fragmented world. I believe in intentionally utilizing creativity and community to facilitate individual, collective, and systemic transformation.


Significant experiences which have shaped who I am include: growing up in Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) with Celtic cultural heritage; being queer; community activism and non-profit work; and music-making. Outside of a professional space I find nourishment through quality time with my partner and our dog, taking in sunsets and the moon, being by the water, thrifting treasures, singing, and watching reality TV. 

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